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Mikko Rauhamäki


Multitasking designer at your service

Yes that's me, Web designer, Graphic designer and Illustrator in a same package. I'm located in Helsinki Finland and my email reaches the entire world. My work is my witness, so take a look and let's work together if you'll find something that suits your needs.


In any professional matter, please don't hesitate to contant me via phone or email.
I'm open for comissions.


+358 40 557 49 61

Don't hesitate to follow me on the Instagram @mkkrhmk


Solid graphic design

I’m a design enthusiastic who keeps his creations pixel perfect, whether it’s a user interface of a company website, brand identity or a magazine layout.

Clean web development

With Html, CSS, Javascript and Wordpress I build clean, responsive and adaptive websites. Or maybe you need a microsite for a quick campaign or a prototype for your idea to charm your client? Allow me to help.

Sleek illustrations

I use various techniques of illustration. All the way from fully computed photomanipulation to pen and paper and hands on ink. Despite the technique, it's all in the detail.

Rauhoitu.fi Web Development

The city of Porvoo is well known by it’s beautiful nature and cityscape. It’s also known that wandering it the nature is a calming experience and even a short perioid of time reduces stress.

With these in mind, the creative director of Sherpa agency Tommi Kortesniemi contacted me to develop a calming experience based on their visions.

Rauhoitu.fi is created to offer a calming moment in between the busy days of life.  Sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy.

Visit Rauhoitu.fi


  • Rauhoitu.fi, Mikko Rauhamäki
  • Rauhoitu.fi, Porvoo, Mikko Rauhamäki

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I'm also on the Instagram, don't hesitate to give a follow @mkkrhmk